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Superb Beautyrest Mattress Quality Never More Affordable

The day after you first sleep on your Beautyrest mattress from American Furniture Galleries, you’ll feel the difference right away. This top brand offers you the ultimate in pocketed coils, accommodating memory foam, and gel to give you the smoothest night ride of your life! Our customers can’t stop singing Beautyrest mattresses’ praises so they come back to this brand to replace their mattresses every 10 years. You need 7-9 hours of sleep on average to extend your life. Get a Beautyrest mattress to be on top of your game EVERY day with an awesome deal from us.

Top Beautyrest Memory Foam Mattresses

To give you just one example of a Beautyrest memory foam mattress, our wildly popular Black label mattress employs state-of-the-art T3 pocketed coils, using three steel pieces per spring. Technoluxe viscoelastic foams are especially good for your hips and shoulders. And at the top layer, BlackIce 4.0 is the latest generation of temperature control so you no longer wake up in a sweat. With this Beautyrest memory foam mattress, four cooling actions work simultaneously to keep you cool! Choose among ultra-plush, medium, or firm pillowtops to make this sleep experience ideal!

Excellent Beautyrest Gel Hybrid Mattresses

Check out one of our fine Beautyrest gel hybrid mattresses when motion disturbance is getting between you and a partner. These employ the same fine-tuned pocketed coils as the brand’s regular models. The difference is the amazingly adaptable memory foam has gel to better absorb any motion from tossing and turning in one’s sleep to getting up early for work or jogging. Lie on this Beautyrest hybrid mattress and motion disturbance for you or a partner is neutralized. Sleep soundly and enjoy the benefits!

Amazing Beautyrest Adjustable Bed Bases

Choose a Beautyrest adjustable bed base when you’re going all out making your bed the most comfortable. These babies are 21st-century advanced. Not only do they raise and lower with a quiet motor and offer you massage. The head raises and lowers at your voice command, thanks to Alexa or Google Home!

Check out our phenomenal Beautyrest mattress bargains daily at our Sacramento, CA store and other American Furniture Galleries locations. And if the mattress or bed base you want isn’t on the floor, just ask and we’ll order it.